aerti: industrial turbo machines repair service. steam turbines. gas turbines. turbocompressors.

Coopertei and TEMISA are now AERTI, a Strategic Alliance for industrial turbo machines repair service.

AERTI performs turbo machines repair in general, among which we can mention steam turbines, gas turbines, turbo compressors and turbogenerators. We work through initial diagnosis, vibration analysis, temperature, disassembly and assembly of industrial machines. We then make planning for guidelines to follow in turbo machines repair, including, as well, construction of the necessary spare parts for an optimum performance of the equipment.

AERTI initiates and controls repair procedures through monitoring, making technical reports. Thus a record of interventions of our technical staff is done, assuring the service quality and efficiency.

Turbo machines repair process developed by AERTI involves the following jobs:

  • Steam turbines inspection of up to 700HP service.

    • Disassembly of the turbo machine:

      • Uncoupling, control and aligning register.

      • Moving the machine to our workshops facilities.

      • Disassembly of seals, bearings, axis, regulation system, valve rod and box.

    • Repairing process:

      • Disassembly and inspection of the systems, valves, seals, diaphragms and vanes.

      • Control and adjustment of subsystems, guides, asparagus and other pieces.

      • Sand blasting cleaning and dimensional control of the rotating parts, runout and dynamic balancing, bearing carrier boxes alignment and replacement of supporting bearings, balance piston and seals.

    • Mounting of the turbo machinery:

      • System and pieces assembly. Control of rotor plays.

      • Moving the machine to its working place.

      • Installation and coupling, oil loading according to manufacturer, machine startup and overhauling.

  • Further steam turbines inspection of heavy service up to 100000HP

    • Disassembly, control and alignment register

      • Uncoupling, control and aligning register

      • Moving the machine to our workshops facilities

      • Disassembly of diaphragm, seals, bearings, covers, rotor, regulating and auxiliary systems, oil pump.

    • Turbo machines repair

      • Uncoupling and systems inspection; valves and seals inspection.

      • Remetalizing service on bearings and casing settings control, guides, asparagus and other pieces.

      • Sand blasting cleaning of the pieces.

      • Diaphragm repairing: vanes straightening, crack machining, refurbishment, control with penetrating inks, final rock blasting and dimensional control.

      • Turbine rotor: straightening of vanes, cracks and defect machining, flat steel rod replacement if necessary, penetrating ink controls, dimensional control and dynamic balancing.

    • Turbomachines mounting:

      • Diaphragm seals and covers assembly, alignment control and angular play register, regulating system, rods, boxes, main and auxiliary pump, hydraulic system and safety valve.

      • Moving the machine to its working place.

      • Installation and coupling, oil loading according to manufacturer.

      • Turbine laser alignment and operating equipment.

      • Machine startup and overhauling.

  • Technical report about turbomachinery repairing.

    • Equipment characteristics.

    • Initial and final control.

    • Angular play in bearings and seals.

    • Tirage of bearing support covers.

    • Angular play control between diaphragm of first stage and first stage wheel.

    • END reports.

  • Listing of spare parts and repairs.

    • Axis of rotation SAE 4140- Hard chrome, carbon seals area.

    • Closure o-rings for rotor wheel assembly.

    • Support bearings.

    • Oil seals.

    • Push ball bearing.

    • Trip valve seat and needle.

    • Steam filter.

    • Bolts and bushing rods.

    • Pins.

    • Bolts in general.

    • Rotor blades repair.

    • Re-growing of diaphragm blades.

    • New flats for rotor blades.

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